‘Born To Be Blue’ Strikes Inspired Notes With Ethan Hawke

Born To Be Blue is not a straight ahead biopic of late jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, and that’s a good thing.

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This Seattle Gas Station Has The Funniest Signs Ever (10+ Pics)

If you were looking for a sign, Wallingford Sign is the one. Each week it provided you a new joke or a witty observation. Isn’t it a puntastic idea?

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Jupiter’s X-ray Aurora is 100 times more energetic than Earth’s Aurora Borealis

Using data from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, astronomers show that solar storms trigger Jupiter’s intense ‘Northern Lights’ by generating a new X-ray aurora that is eight times brighter than normal and hundreds of times more energetic than Earth’s aurora borealis.


It is the first time that Jupiter’s X-ray aurora has been studied when a giant storm from the Sun has arrived at the planet. The dramatic findings complement NASA’s Juno mission this summer which aims to understand the relationship between the two biggest structures in the solar system – the region of space controlled by Jupiter’s magnetic field (i.e. its magnetosphere) and that controlled by the solar wind.


“There’s a constant power struggle between the solar wind and Jupiter’s magnetosphere. We want to understand this interaction and what effect it has on the planet. By studying how the aurora changes, we can discover more about the region of space controlled by Jupiter’s magnetic field, and if or how this is influenced by the Sun. Understanding this relationship is important for the countless magnetic objects across the galaxy, including exoplanets, brown dwarfs and neutron stars,” explained lead author and PhD student at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, William Dunn.


The Sun constantly ejects streams of particles into space in the solar wind. When giant storms erupt, the winds become much stronger and compress Jupiter’s magnetosphere, shifting its boundary with the solar wind two million kilometers through space. The study found that this interaction at the boundary triggers the high energy X-rays in Jupiter’s Northern Lights, which cover an area bigger than the surface of the Earth.


Published today in the Journal of Geophysical Research – Space Physics, the discovery comes as NASA’s Juno spacecraft nears Jupiter for the start of its mission this summer. Launched in 2011, Juno aims to unlock the secrets of Jupiter’s origin, helping us to understand how the solar system, including Earth, formed.

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A Simple Way To Bring Positive Energy To Your Relationship

You’ll be amazed how your partner responds to you.

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Meet Chaz Bojórquez, the Godfather of Cholo Writing

Born and raised in Los Angeles, graffiti artist Chaz Bojorquez brought cholo writing from the streets to the Smithsonian.

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