Why Los Angeles Was America’s Best Dining City in 2015

Addison: So what should I be most excited about eating on my next trip to LA?

Kang: I think you have to have the finest examples of certain ethnic cuisines, and maybe their regional variants, to understand how good we have it. Go to Jun Won (traditional Korean, not regionally specific per se, but I’d say it’s more of a coastal Korean restaurant, but outside of Seoul), Chengdu Taste (for arguably the best Sichuan food in the country), Carnitas El Momo (one of the best artisan carnitas vendors in LA, if not the country), Coni’Seafood (Nayarit-style seafood), Luv2Eat Thai (a strong counterpoint to Night + Market).

Addison: Chengdu Taste has been one conspicuous notch missing from my belt.

Elliott: I’m interested in seeing how big players like Otium and Cassia manage their space and their clientele, without losing what’s on the plate.

Addison: Yes, certainly I have my sights set on Otium — the menu seems to synthesize all the global intrigue Angelenos embrace and put it in a fancier setting. We’ll see how that flies. Looks like I have my early 2016 eating itinerary right here. In LA, one never runs out of new culinary horizons to glimpse.

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