REVUE NOIRE – Konaté expo 2012

TENTURES – TEINTURES (Tapestries – Dyes)

Exhibition at Revue Noire gallery
March 07 – May 05 – 2012
wednesday to saturday – 1:00 – 7:00 pm

The Abdoulaye Konaté textile sculptures are inexhaustible matter in which he listed the signs and symbols of secret societies in Mali (“Hommage aux chasseurs du Mandé” – 1994) or an interpretation of the world and events (“Bosnie, Rwanda, Angola” – 1995). With this material, he dyes, cuts, sews to have a structure for operating the flat surface of the fabric. This can become the support of growths that create optical effects. Gradually the assembly of these items obliterates the presence of the figure and plays with volumes, infinity of folds, rebounds, hollows, crevices (“Symphonie Bleue” – 2007).The density of the material allows him to dance forms in a setting designed to abstraction (“La danse d’une nuit” – 2009).

At first, he was influenced by Bocar Keita paintings, the only painter in his hometown, then joined the National Institute of Arts of Mali, Bamako. Mali in this time, a «non-aligned» country of communist influence, allows him to continue his training in Cuba, at the Institute of Fine Arts in Havana and to be influenced by Wilfredo Lam paintings and other great painters surrealists. They strongly mark his drawing and painting, including his serie «Ciwara» and many others until today, often characterized by the representation of African stereotypes (masks, antelope, zebu horns …).

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Abdoulaye Konate’ — born in Dire’, Mali — most incredible textile sculptures!

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