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Social media has a bevy of naysayers, with much to complain about. Some gripe it’s too impersonal, too shallow, and too much of a time waster. The business side of the non-believers have always touted it’s not quantifiable, and doesn’t positively impact anyone’s bottom line.
Sure, there’s some truth to the flaws in social media. Yet the conglomeration of social networks now account for over 28 percent of online usage; that’s exponentially powerful. Marketers have proven that crafty social media campaigns can change a company’s reach and profits over night. Social is an undeniable force.
Because of its prevalence, there’s no lack of tools, apps, and software to help elevate your reach and simplify the process. Sites like HootSuite, which helps automate your blasts and coordinate them throughout all the major networks, have become social must-haves. But there’s a bundle of new players in the space that can help turn your social efforts from lackluster to profit powerhouses. Here are a few that deserve a closer look.


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