Capture Any Content from the Web and Organize Into Boards with ScissorsFly

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Robin Good‘s insight:

Scissorsfly is a great new web app which allows you to “photograph” any screen or part of it and to collect and organize these pictures into Pinterest-like boards.

The capture functionality allows you to not just to pick images available on a web page as you would do with Pinterest but it allows you to clip any part of a web page or a full visible screen as you may see fit.

Differently than on Pinterest, the collected items can be easily arranged, positioned and resized on the board.

Scissorsfly provides a Chrome browser extension (Firefox and Safari coming soon) that once clicked provides a small toolbar with all of the key commands available.

Free to use.

Excellent capture and collect tool, provides lots of the original functionalities available in the now defunct Unfortunately there is no ability to capture a full web page, from top to bottom, but outside of this, I really found Scissorsfly to be an excellent tool for capturing and curating ay type of content available online.  

Try it out now: 

Chrome app store: 

See on


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