Factors affecting life, love, health and happiness

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The leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, which is only slightly misleading due to the fact that when a person dies and the authorities have to list a cause when there is no other obvious reason, they often write down that his or her…

dj Goddessa‘s insight:

"In addition to the physical heart, we sometimes talk about the emotional heart. We talk about opening your heart, following your heart and coming from the heart. In these cases, the heart we speak of is not a physical organ, but rather a focus or a center of consciousness, a place where joy is experienced, where liberation is sensed, where intuition flows, and appreciation swells, where community is grasped and fortified, where benevolence is practiced, compassion is extended, where purpose and passion power choice and action, and where the interconnectedness of life and living things is understood and honored."  Ron Colone

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