Mind your Mind to Stay Healthy

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“Even now, doctors urge their patients to have a routine check-up when they are apparently very healthy, in the fond hope of finding diseases in their pre-symptomatic stages, to help them get treated before the disease damages their system. In their enthusiasm to keep their till moving, the medical world has started disease-mongering. Treating illnesses alone is not such a lucrative business. Going after people who are well simply means that the entire population becomes our patient, on any given day. Doctors cannot live without patients; but patients can live without doctors for sure!

The medical establishment is after ‘treating’ pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, etc, which are only illusions. The best pre-condition is pre-death. Every one of us suffers from pre-death. The risk factor here is being alive…”

dj Goddessa‘s insight:

"Physician, heal thyself."

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